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Nalin's - Jal Bhara Taalsansh Sandesh (Various Exciting Flavoured)

(SKU ID: CQ3F95C4666 )

Rs. 1,154


1 Kg. OR 400 Gm. pack of Kora paak "Jal Bhara Taalsansh Sandesh" (Various Exciting Flavoured) from "Nalin Chandra Das & Sons." - one of the most famous sweet brands of Kolkata. The 1 Kg. pack contains 24 pcs. of sweets & 400 Gm. pack contains 10 pcs. of sweets.

The Sweets are available in different kind of flavours, such as...

Mango Flavoured / Chocolate Flavoured / Strawberry Flavoured / Orange Flavoured / Black Currant Flavoured / Pineapple Flavoured / Butterscotch Flavoured & Green Mango Flavoured.