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Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Molasses) (800 Gr. Pack)


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As the syrup slowly oozes out from the bottle, you can't deny wanting to slurp the liquid all at one go. Made from the finest dates, the Notun Jhola Gur from Go Bengal will take you back to your childhood, when it was the most awaited sweet of the year. Have it with a chapati, in your pitheys or quite simply glug it down, the taste will linger with you for a very, very long time.

You are not a true Bong if you can imagine your life without Nolen Gur. It is gooey and sticky nature helps elevate the tastes of ordinary Bengali delicacies. This liquid date palm jiggery forms the essence of Bengali desserts and therefore, it is no wonder that Bengalis around the world are crazy about it. However, we can understand that it is easy for all Bengalis who live outside West Bengal to get access to this heavenly ingredient and which is why GoBengal has come up with this initiative.

Now, you can buy Nolen Gur online and feel the freshness of Nolen Gur derived the sap of date palm trees from remote villages of West Bengal, India. Our Nolen Gur products are 100% hygienic and fresh. Our products are 100% organic in nature. If you have diabetes, you must try our Nolen Gur products as nolen gur is recommended by doctors for diabetes patients who want to live a healthy life away from sugar.

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