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Nolen Gur-er Patali (Hard Molasses) (1Kg. Pack)


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1kg. slabs of pure delight, the Patali Gur available with Go Bengal is sure to take you places with a taste so rich, you'd want to break in for the next piece. Feel your senses slowly being titillated as you slowly roll the absolutely delightful piece on your tongue and absorb it, one grain at a time.

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The aroma and unique sweetness of Patali Gur is something that is hard to come by. Its rich flavor and its sweet fragrance add to its ever-growing appeal among Bengalis and even among Non-Bengalis these days. And to put cherry on top, date palm jiggery aka Nolen Gur Patali is a healthy alternative of sugar. Unlike sugar where the all the phytonutrients get removed during the processing period, Nolen Gur Patali manages to keep all its nutritious elements intact.

In fact, no artificial sweetener or chemical is used in the making of Nolen Gur Patali. Date Palm jiggery is highly nutritious and is extremely beneficial for the wellbeing of the consumers. As the name suggest, the raw ingredient is derived from date palm tree and the juice is extracted carefully so that the final product contains all the vitamins and minerals that are vital for the overall wellbeing of humans. Nolen Gur Patali which is also known as Khejur gurer Patali is famous for its medicinal properties.

Nolen Gur Patali or Khejur gurer Patali is a popular Bengali winter delicacy and it is widely used to prepare dishes like payesh, pithe, rosogolla etc. Nolen Gur is used in place of sugar to prepare these dishes during winter.

So, if you want to taste the smoky, coarse and dark texture of Nolen Gur Patali, you don’t to have to visit a local grocery store anymore. Now you can order Nolen Gur Patali online and your Khejur gurer Patali will be delivered to your address. It is that simple.